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Treat yourself to the Chateau Experience

Treat yourself to the Chateau Experience

The wine experience. It’s the biggest reason people come to Woodinville. Let’s face it, anyone can buy a bottle of wine at the nearest market, but to enjoy premium wines in a beautiful setting with expert winemakers, paired foods, and fun, educational activities—that’s why you come to Woodinville. So when… Read More

A Beverage World Beyond Wine

They don’t call this wine country for nothing. With over 120 Woodinville wineries and tasting rooms, locals and visitors can go tasting here almost every weekend of the year and never run out of new labels to enjoy. But while all that sniffing and sipping has been going on, something… Read More

Get Your Street Cred

Press Release August 30, 2018 Woodinville Wine Country was the subject of an article titled, “Get Your Street Cred” in 425 Magazine (online). The article introduces the rebranding of the “Passport to Woodinville” and the new title, “Passport to Taste.” The article describes the expanded markets for the Passport to… Read More

Seattle’s Suburban Eastside Great Jumping Off Point for all that’s Great about Washington

Press Release August 29, 2018 Woodinville Wine Country was featured in an article titled, “How Seattle’s suburban Eastside became a jumping off point for all that’s great about Washington” in Matador Network (online). The article details that Seattle’s Eastside now features quintessential Washington state activities. “The Eastside became the less-crowded… Read More
Rattlesnake Hills Vineyard

The Essential Wines Of Washington State

Forbes August 30, 2018 It seems like there’s an official holiday for every kind of wine, a day, week, or month designated as “International Sauvignon Blanc Day” or “Drink Rosé Month.” While it can be confusing to keep the increasing number of wine holidays straight – and downright impractical to… Read More