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It’s a great problem to have: so much tasty stuff going on that it’s tough keeping tabs on it all. We in Woodinville Wine Country certainly aren’t complaining, instead, we’re doing something informative about it. Introducing the “The Woodinville Locavore,” a new monthly newsletter that gives you exclusive intelligence on and access to local food, wine, spirits and beer offerings. The Locavore is an insider’s guide to all things made, enjoyed and celebrated in Woodinville. It’s a monthly trove of events, releases, news, specials—anything that might whet your appetite if you enjoy eating and drinking locally.

As a Locavore subscriber, you’ll be the first to learn where to snatch up the last few bottles of a coveted release, which vintner is offering a delicious discount on its award-winning blend, and which can’t-miss winemaker events you’ll want to add to your calendar. You’ll also get inside bulletins and exclusives on Woodinville’s vibrant food scene, whether it’s complimentary appetizers, unique dinner happenings, or seasonal specialties at the farmer’s market.

If you’re an enthusiast of local foods, wines and other beverages, an annual subscription to “The Woodinville Locavore” (just $15.99) is probably the single best investment you can make—for yourself and the community. For the price of a pour or two, you’ll enjoy the exclusive scoop on all the news that’s fit to drink. Stay informed and you’ll stay indulged!


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