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The Woodinville School House

Today’s Woodinville School was originally built in 1909 as the first brick school east of Lake Washington, replacing a small wooden school on the same site. By the mid-1930s the number of students increased, and a larger school was needed. This was achieved through the 1936 Works Project Administration which offered funds for a remodel, but not for new construction.

So, the school was demolished except for the SE wall, which qualified it as a “remodel.” Another addition was completed in 1948 before the building became part of the Northshore School District. The Northshore SD mothballed the building in the 1980s because a required upgrade would have been too costly.

The building became the City of Woodinville’s first City Hall following incorporation in 1991. But once again, the building would be mothballed in 2001 when a new City Hall was opened. New life was given the schoolhouse a few years later when plans were made for its rehabilitation as part of the larger Schoolhouse District project. In 2010 the School was designated a “City of Woodinville Landmark” and listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2017.