Chicago Tribune
May 10, 2017

Those adhering today to the legendary prompt of 19th-century America — “Go west, young man” — would serve themselves well by not going all the way west, particularly if the goal is to make Pacific Northwest wine.

Coastal Washington has beauty and charms all its own and even produces some of the state’s wine. But eastern Washington is predominantly where the state’s wines come from — most famously its cabernet sauvignon, merlot, riesling and syrah, among other varietals and blends. The state grows close to 70 grape varieties, after all, in roughly a 60/40 split, red to white. So, if the east is the best in the Northwest, it might cause you to wonder aloud: “East of what?”>>>Read the entire article featuring Columbia Winery, Goose Ridge Estate and Januik… on The Chicago Tribune