Wine Spectator
December 17, 2018

Rain and cooler temperatures arrived just in time to produce balanced wines

Washington withstands the heat

To the north, 2018 delivered a kind growing season for Washington vintners. “The first surprise was how long it lasted,” said Mike Januik, winemaker at Novelty Hill and Januik wineries. “But it was a great vintage overall.”

As in Oregon, Washington experienced a warm growing season, but one balanced by moderate weather as harvest approached. “It was a hot start to the vintage and for a while we thought it would be the hottest on record,” said Juan Muñoz-Oca, head winemaker at Ste. Michelle Wine Estates.

“In June we had very nice weather, and then it got hot all of July and most of August,” said Cayuse winemaker Christophe Baron.

Just before Labor Day, a brief rain shower moved through the state. It brought a breath of cooler air that lasted through much of September and October. “The weather was just perfect,” said Muñoz-Oca. “It was warm, but not hot, during the day and really cold at night.” Read the entire article on Wine Spectator