From Woodinville’s warehouses and beyond, winemaker Peter Devison of EFESTĒ shares his pipe dreams and love of Canadian rock music.

Before Peter Devison landed in Woodinville, Washington, his formal and personal wine education spent several years (and a few continents) in the making. In fact, to say he simply “landed” in his current winemaking position at EFESTĒ would undermine the extensive bill of experience he so voraciously racked up since entering the industry shortly after leaving his Nova Scotia home for Vancouver, British Columbia.

By the time he headed for New Zealand, where he would go on to earn his Bachelor of Applied Science in Viticulture and Oenology, Devison had worked as both a server and a sommelier in and around the Vancouver restaurant scene. With his degree under his belt, Devison moved stateside, securing gigs with Precept Wine labels in Washington before he was tapped to head the winemaking program at EFESTĒ>>>Read more on Sip Magazine