Need an outlet from all these cold, rainy days? Jump on your computer and start putting plans in place for your next party! You can find all the information you need to host an event in Woodinville Wine Country with just one click. Head to and click on the box labeled “Event Space.” You’ll get all the details you need to pick the perfect spot!

One winery that comes highly recommended for both its wine and its event space is Sparkman Cellars. With two locations, the winery can offer a lot of flexibility for events large and small. Their Warehouse District Tasting Room is the larger of the two locations and offers a warm atmosphere with candlelit barrels, vaulted ceilings and locally produced art. You’ll be able to customize the space to whatever is best for your party.

In the Hollywood District, the Sparkman Cellars tasting room is a bit smaller and more intimate. The beautiful, acid-etched copper tasting bar perfectly compliments the abundance of natural wood. And their location in the heart of the Tourist District is ideal for fun in and around the tasting room.

You have a chance to sample some perfect wines for your next celebration at the February 8th “Wines Under $25 Event”. It’s the perfect place to taste dozens of wines, including a few from Sparkman Cellars, that are all an exceptional value. You’ll be able to select a variety of high-quality reds and whites and stock up without breaking your budget. At the end of the night, you can tick off a big to-do item from your party planning list… and go back to looking forward to a change in the forecast!

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