Written by Guest Writer, Brittney Perreault
Northwest Wine Night TV Senior Producer

Every brewer, winemaker, distiller, and cider maker has a story to tell. Over on Northwest Wine Night Radio we get a chance to sit down and dig deeper than we do on Northwest Wine Night TV due to the storytelling structure versus the product-tasting panel of the internet show. In a recent radio taping day, I was introduced to Schilling Hard Cider. Isaiah and Nicole kicked off the interview with this fun fact, Schilling Cider was started as Schilling Spice Company 100 years ago! Little did founder August Schilling know his great grandson Colin would morph the business into a hard cider company.

During the interview we all agreed that millennials are much more aware of what they’re throwing back these days. As a result, the adult beverage industry isn’t disappointing with the variety being offered. Schilling Hard Cider captures the essence of the Pacific Northwest by using innovative techniques to create interesting hard ciders such as their Lumberjack, which is a tart rhubarb hard cider that finishes with notes of early autumn pear, or their upcoming seasonal favorite, Chaider which is an organic chai spiced hard cider. Paula Chapler Sanders recently found Schilling at a Des Moines, WA festival and became a quick fan of their Chaider. Another enthusiast, Alisha Berry says, “They have a cider they age in oak barrels that I LOVE!”

I asked more fellow cider admirers why cider has become their go-to drink:

“Cider is my ‘hair of the dog’ drink of choice, I like em’ dry!”–Angela Bare
“Ciders taste fresher. I was drinking ciders before they were cool and will keep drinking them when they lose popularity.”–Stephanie Anderson
“I love me some dry ciders that are not too sweet. If they are sweet I need them ice cold.”–Nicole Oliver
“They come up with amazing flavors. I just love them. So refreshing, crisp, light, less filling than beer.”–Natasha King
“Cider is a great refresher for those who don’t like beer or hard alcohol.”–Danielle Kozlowski

For others it holds crucial factors for their health:

“It’s gluten free!”–Hailey Skaff
“My boyfriend likes ciders because of his gluten allergies to beer.”–Taryn Blouin
“It’s an alternative to drinking beer when you are allergic to barley.”–Sonya Jones
“I love a good dry cider! Spanish ciders are my favorite due to their funky flavor. I also enjoy hopped ciders. As a celiac, ciders are a great alternative.”–Chelsea Woods Crosby

Schilling ciders are vegan, gluten-free, GMO free, and 100% fresh pressed Washington Apples. The phrase “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” counts if it’s in liquid form, right?

Get in on the cider action this month! September 8th-18th is Washington Cider week, plus there’s the 7th annual Seattle Cider Summit where Schilling will be pouring. Stop by to meet the various cider makers, play games, or simply have a flight of some of the most interesting and rare ciders in the market

Be sure to check out Northwest Wine Night Radio for more unique stories and hear more from Schilling when their show hits the air in October!