425 Business
July 18, 2019

The Eastside’s often-overlooked manufacturing industry remains strong and is gaining steam.

Many Eastside cities may be known for their more tech-centric businesses, but if you look further you’ll find that the area — much like its neighbors in all directions — also has its share of manufacturing firms.

But the Eastside’s manufacturing industry is somewhat different. The conjured images of conveyor belts, forges, and machine parts aren’t necessarily what it’s all about here. And if you look at the Merriam-Webster definition of manufacturing: “… something made from raw materials by hand or by machinery, usually in mass production,” you can see that the Eastside has plenty of businesses that fall under the manufacturing umbrella. This can be anything from producing baked goods to milk bottling and pasteurizing to making ready-mixed concrete.

In Woodinville, for example, the manufacturing of some of our area’s favorite drinks is happening on a daily basis. More than 7 million cases of wine are produced there annually. For many wineries, that production continues to grow…Read the entire article featuring Chateau Ste Michelle and Patterson Cellars on 425 Business

photo cred: Patterson Cellars