This last Friday we joined Quid·di·ty Wines for another ‘At The Tasting Room’ experience.


Quid·di·ty Wines is a family winery located in the Warehouse Winery District of Woodinville, Washington. This was not an obvious outcome for winemaker Greg Peiker because his whole life he worked hard to be successful and do a good job, working within the rules that were provided to him. You know…get good grades, get the right degree, work hard, climb the ladder, etc. After years of working hard at this approach, Peiker found that he had been very successful at getting somewhere he wasn’t sure he wanted to be. While reflecting upon advice Russell Wilson received from his father (“Why not you Russell?”), he decided to indulge his life-long passion for wine and give winemaking a try.

Starting a winery is Peiker’s effort to move forward on his own terms. He set out to make a good product, bring a smile to people’s faces, have fun, and not take life too seriously. He does that by focusing on making good wines, without getting caught up in all of that wine snob hullabaloo. Quid·di·ty Wines focuses on red wines made with Rhone varietals because…well, that is what Peiker likes.

Quid·di·ty Wines strives for wines that are different than the many Bordeaux and Washington blends. They target a “new-old-world” style that capitalizes on the tremendous “new world” fruit that we have in Washington while showcasing that fruit in an “old world” style with a lighter touch from the winemaker.


Greg Peiker, winemaker at Qui·di·ty Wines, studied winemaking at the Northwest Wine Academy. Towards the end of the program, he realized that he needed to complete an internship in order to graduate. He wasn’t sure how he was going to fit in an internship along with his full time job. Bill Grassie (William Grassie Wine Estates) was a friend of Greg’s from Microsoft who had been through the NWWA program, so Peiker called Grassie to ask him what he did. Grassie never answered his question about the internship but Grassie did offer that he had a winery he wasn’t using for 2018 crush. Peiker was able to buy grapes, make wine and be mentored by his friend. At that time, it wasn’t clear whether Peiker was going to make wine and sell it back to Grassie or start his own winery. As time went on, Peiker left Microsoft, “COVID happened”, and he had a ton of changes in his personal life. Once again, he heard Russell Wilson’s father say, “why not me?”
Peiker decided that he couldn’t get this close and not start his own winery. The rest, as they say, is history.


Winemaker and owner, Greg Peiker, spent a lot of time thinking about the winery name. He wanted a name that spoke to his personal story as well as the names of his wines. For over a year, he had a OneNote where he would keep random thoughts that occurred to him: old pet names, places he had lived, mountain passes in Colorado…etc. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to come up with a killer name that he was happy with, but he knew he needed to choose something and keep moving forward. As a result, he went so far as trademarking a winery name that he knew in his heart was ok but not great.

Then, one morning shortly thereafter, he was checking out his “word of the day” app (as he does regularly😉) and he saw the word Quid·di·ty. Quid·di·ty means “the quality that makes a thing what it is, the essential nature of a thing,” or “a trifling nicety of subtle distinction, as in argument.” He knew right then that was the name! Peiker strives to make wine that is the essential nature of Washington wine. The names of the wines themselves are interesting words that describe things that he believes are the essential nature of life…love, adventure, risk, happiness.

Keep reading below to learn more about his wine and their unique names.


Quid·di·ty Wines is located in the Warehouse District here in Woodinville. They share a large warehouse space with several other Woodinville wineries: Ancestry Cellars, Lauren Ashton Cellars, and William Grassie Wine Estates. This space is super unique based on the amount of wineries that produce/taste at this location. At the moment, you can visit Quid·di·ty Wines or Ancestry Cellars for a tasting. Lauren Ashton Cellars and William Grassie share this space for production only. However, this location is a true Warehouse District space. The pictures do not do it justice – the amount of barrels stacked to the ceiling in this space is outstanding. Just when you think you see the end of the line… it keeps going. You have to see it for yourself.

While Quid·di·ty Wines does share this functional space, they have done a great job making it their own. I am obsessed with their large, pink “wine stained” wall. We have all seen wine stain from the bottle of a glass, but Quiddity Wines chose a different route. Their wine stain interpretation focuses on the bottom of a wine bottle. This design made its way into their logo and tasting room decor. Now that I know this fact, I can’t un-see it. Check out those ridges!


~ Written by Amber Schmitt, Marketing Director of Woodinville Wine Country

I had the pleasure of visiting Quid·di·ty Wines this last Sunday. Quiddity Wines is a new winery to Woodinville which means I was a bit unfamiliar with them at first. I have tried to think of the best way to explain my visit, and the word “thoughtful” comes to mind. Everything they do is thoughtful and full of meaning. From the origin of their name, to the names of their wines, to their winemaking philosophy – everything is thoughtful and I had so much fun learning more about them. I highly encourage you to chat with the winemaker Greg if you get the chance. He is full of stories and happy to share his passion for wine with you.

Currently, Quid·di·ty Wines is open Saturday and Sunday from 1-5pm. You do not need to make a reservation. Walk-in guests are welcomed based on availability.

*Insider tip: Quid·di·ty Wines is also open by appointment. You can contact their team and set up a private tasting if their normal tasting room hours do not work for you. How cool is that!

Quid·di·ty Wines has a few different seating options for their guests. You can choose to sit inside their main tasting room space which is located near their bar, or you can sit at one of the tables located in their production space. I chose to sit in the production space so I could get a good view of all the barrels. In my opinion, that is the best part of the Warehouse District. Who doesn’t love a front row seat to all the action?

I also can’t forget to mention the large garage door that is rolled up during the spring/summer months. I love all the natural light that seeps into this space. Still not convinced they have enough seating options? Quid·di·ty plans to re-open an outdoor tasting area later this Spring.


2018 CUR NON

Behind The Name~

CUR NON, Latin for why not? Not everything needs to be logical or have a good reason. Sometimes, why not is the essence of motivation and inspiration. So, why not sit down, enjoy this wine, and reconnect with what inspires you?

Scores, Awards, and Press~

Wine Enthusiast – Editor’s Choice – 93 points (February/March 2021 Double Issue) – This is an inaugural release from this winery, and it commands attention. The aromas bring notes of yellow raspberry, rose hips, herb, and red plum. The purity of the flavors and the texture are completely arresting, drinking like a bowl of fresh fruit. It is a complete knockout. – Sean P. Sullivan

Listed as one of the 40 most exciting Washington wines of 2020 by the Washington Wine Report. Outrageously delicious Mourvedre from a new producer at a price that won’t break the bank? Yes, please. –

Featured in Seattle Met magazine “5 wines from exciting new Washington vintners” 2/3/2021

San Francisco Chronicle International Wine Competition 2021 – Silver

Savor Northwest Wine Awards 2021 – Silver

CUR NON is 100% Mourvedre sourced from the Willow Run Vineyard within Washington’s Columbia valley AVA.

A dry, higher acid wine with soft tannins that pairs really well with food (or on its own). It is medium bodied, has a nice round mouth feel, and has subtle flavors of leather, slate, tobacco, pepper, and dark berries. Or, in regular person speak and as my friend Chris said “smooth and easy drinking. You could chug that.”


Behind The Name~

UBUNTU is a South African term that means “a quality that includes the essential human virtues, compassion, and humanity.” What is more essential to life than sharing it with others through compassion and humanity? Why not begin by sharing this bottle with friends and family?

Scores, Awards, and Press~

Wine Enthusiast – Editor’s Choice – 93 points (February/March 2021 Double Issue) – There’s no mistaking the variety, with its supremely pure aromas of black raspberry, herb, crushed rock, and blood orange. The palate brings grace, purity, and polish to its layered, textured fruit flavors. It sings from the mountain tops. – Sean P. Sullivan

San Francisco Chronicle International Wine Competition 2021 – Gold

Savor Northwest Wine Awards 2021 – Gold

UBUNTU is 100% Grenache sourced from the Sugarloaf vineyard within Washington’s Rattlesnake Hills AVA.

A lighter bodied, dry red wine that pairs well with wine (and food). A classic Grenache wine with a clean nose and aromas of eucalyptus and black tea. Flavors of pepper, anise, with a slightly vanilla finish. Or, in the words of a high falutin consultant who helped me out a bit “charming and a style that is “cool” right now and perfect for a summer red. This is a light bodied serious red wine. We need more wines like this.”

2018 AMORE

Behind The Name~

AMORE from the Latin phrase “Amore et melle et felle es fecundissimus” which means “love is rich with honey and venom.” What is more essential to life than love? First loves, true loves, first heartbreak, and soulmates. Where would we be without them? I hope you love this wine and take a minute to reflect on a love in your life.

Scores, Awards, and Press~

Wine Enthusiast – Editor’s Choice – 92 points (February/March 2021 Double Issue) – This inaugural release from the winery is a blend of 62% Syrah, 23% Mourvedre, and 15% Grenache. Aromas of plums, cherry, and dried herb lead to a sumptuous, layered palate. – Sean P. Sullivan

San Francisco Chronicle International Wine Competition 2021 – Bronze

Savor Northwest Wine Awards 2021 – Gold

AMORE is a traditional Rhone style GSM (62% Syrah, 23% Mourvedre, and 15% Grenache) blend sourced from the Elephant Mountain and Sugarloaf Vineyards within Washington’s Rattlesnake Hills AVA as well as the Willow Run vineyard in Washington’s Columbia Valley.

A classic Rhone Style blend of GSM. A big, dry wine with elegant, round tannins and a nice mouth feel. Flavors of licorice, pepper, dried strawberries as well as a bit of leather. Great with food or as a sipper all by itself.


Behind The Name~

AUDENTES from the Latin phrase “Audentes fortuna iuvat” which means “fortune favors the bold.” Studying abroad, living in Saudi Arabia, getting married, having children, and starting a winery have all been adventures that I have taken in my life which have profoundly influenced who I am. Taking calculated risks is essential to a well lived life. Why not pop the cork and plan your next adventure?

Score, Award, Press~

Wine Enthusiast – Editor’s Choice – 92 points (February/March 2021 Double Issue) – An inaugural release, the aromas aren’t ready to reveal their charms on the first pour. Red fruit, plum, bramble, blood orange, and dried herb notes emerge over time. The palate is rich, textured, layered, and ripe but still well in check, with orange peel notes on the finish. The purity of it all captivates. – Sean P. Sullivan

San Francisco Chronicle International Wine Competition 2021 – Silver

Savor Northwest Wine Awards 2021 – Silver

AUDENTES is 100% Syrah sourced from the Elephant Mountain Vineyard within Washington’s Rattlesnake Hills AVA.

Our biggest wine. This is a big, dry red wine that is also well mannered. A full round mouthfeel with medium tannins and aromas and flavors of red berries, red cherries, tobacco, and green peppercorns.


Behind The Name~

Rhathymia; “carefree behavior; lightheartedness.” Sometimes, life is hard. What works for me at those times is to keep perspective and not take life too seriously. Most situations are fixable, the others help us learn and grow. This too shall pass. While you are waiting for things to pass or working on the fix, have a great glass of white wine, take some time to enjoy it, and lift your spirits.

Score, Award, Press~

Wine Enthusiast – 88 points

RHATHYMIA is 100% Roussanne sourced from the Sugarloaf Vineyard within Washington’s Rattlesnake Hills AVA. It is a blend where ½ of the wine was produced and aged in a stainless steel tank and the other half was aged in neutral oak barrels, providing a clean varietal nature with additional complexity.

A rich and complex white with a full, round mouthfeel as well as a nice acid backbone. Aromas of tons of pears with honey, Myer lemon, marmalade, green apple, with hints of vanilla and apricot. Flavors of pears, pears, and more pears, Myer lemon, grilled pineapple, green apple, and marmalade with subtle mineral/slate undertones.

I will wrap this up shortly, but do you notice the thoughtfulness in the names of their wines?

Owner/winemaker Greg Peiker gives you a story behind each name and sets up his wine to be remembered. It is so hard to pick a favorite (so I won’t), however, I was a huge fan of the Mourvèdre. The grapes from this wine come from a small, privately owned vineyard located in Benton City called Willow Run. I am not much of a red wine drinker when the weather turns warm, but I can easily see myself opening a bottle of this for my friends or family this summer.

I also want to let you in on a little secret. Quiddity Wines will be releasing a Carménère next year that is to die for! Greg was so kind to give me a barrel sample during my visit. It is not available to the public just yet, but keep your eyes open for this release. We will be sure to share more when this wine is ready for the public.

Last but not least….JOIN THE WINE CLUB

  • Their wine club has 3 levels that are based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The levels are: Love and Belonging, Esteem, and Self Actualization.
  • There are 2 wine shipments per year, in the Spring and Fall with 3 bottles (Love and Belonging), 6 bottles (Esteem), or 12 bottles (Self Actualization) per shipment.
  • Benefits for all wine club members
  • Feelings of being loved and accepted, feeling good about yourself, and a feeling of fulfillment
  • Two shipments of wine per year (Fall and Spring)
  • Pick up wines at the Woodinville winery or have wines shipped to you
  • Discounts on all additional wines you purchase throughout the year
  • Invitations to club only events at the Woodinville tasting room
  • $25 refer a friend bonus

If you have made it to the end of this piece, what are you waiting for? Get out there and visit Quiddity Wines for yourself. Thank you to Greg and his team for their hospitality and an unforgettable experience!

*Did I mention, Quiddity wines is a family owned winery? Greg Peiker’s daughter, Audrey, drives their social media. You can check it out using the links below!

Quiddity Wines Facebook Page | Quiddity Wines Website | Quiddity Wines Instagram Page