Uncorked Ventures
December 24, 2016

Avennia Winery is an interesting project to me, largely because winemaker Chris Peterson was literally the first student to pass through what I think is one of the most fascinating and interesting programs in the country for winemaking: Walla Walla Community College’s winemaking program.

That Walla Walla program is becoming the sort of homing beacon for top talent in eastern Washington that both Napa Valley and Sonoma have enjoyed courtesy of UC Davis for generations now.

Avennia Winery makes a range of high quality red wine and that’s part of the story behind Washington’s wine these days. There are literally dozens of world class red wine grapes being grown. Avennia Winery has Bordeaux blends from both banks (one is based on Cabernet, another on Merlot) as well as one of the more advanced Syrah programs that leaves the state. They make a couple of white wine’s of course, a Sauvignon Blanc as well as a white Rhone blend, but those are almost after thoughts in the grand scheme of things.>>>Read the entire article on Uncorked Ventures