“If you love what you do, the food tastes better,” executive chef Bobby Moore insists when it comes to bringing good energy into the kitchen. Having been with Barking Frog for over 15 of its near-20-year history in Woodinville, he knows a thing or two about fine dining and how our Northwest seasons inspire enthusiasm and nostalgia when it comes to making meals an experience.

Moore is ebullient about the holidays, and it’s impossible to not get caught up in his excitement as he talks about his favorite seasonal specialties the Barking Frog is known for — the famous Thanksgiving turkey confit bread pudding, the creamy apple chestnut soup, slow-simmered wild huckleberry sauces drizzled over flavorful duck or rich venison. The menu reflects the mood of the Willows Lodge, a boutique hotel right across from the restaurant; together they exude the warmth and comfort we crave on a brisk winter’s night>>>Read the entire article featuring DeLille Cellars on 425 Magazine