Herald Net
January 5, 2018

This Scotch ale may have a mundane name, but the taste isn’t.

Scotch Ale

Sumerian Brewing, Woodinville

Style: Scotch ale
Stats: 7.0 percent ABV, 25 IBU
Available: On tap at the brewery and Special Brews, Harry’s on Tye and Route 2 Taproom

My thoughts: Don’t let the mundane name fool you, this Scotch ale from Sumerian is a tasty beer that is a nice addition to the up-and-coming brewery’s lineup.

Since opening in 2013, owners Mark and Holly Ihrig have quickly turned their brewery into one of the area’s fastest growing and most recognizable. Much of that has to do with a strong marketing game, creative business sense and, of course, a good product>>>Read the entire article on The Herald Net