For Nancy Stoll, Tasting Room Manager at DeLille Cellars, the transition to the hospitality industry marked a refreshing chapter in her career. Having owned her own business, Nancy sought a new challenge that would engage her eclectic skill set centered around people and their experiences. Discover how she found her passion in wine and hospitality.

Continuous Improvement: Shaping Excellence in Hospitality

Nancy’s approach to her work revolves around constant refinement and learning. By observing both exceptional and lacking service wherever she goes, Nancy and her team at DeLille Cellars prioritize the guest experience, always aiming for improvement.

Navigating Challenges & Driving Innovation

The hospitality industry faced unprecedented challenges during the pandemic. Nancy shares her insights on navigating through this tumultuous time, emphasizing the importance of empathy and understanding in helping people enjoy their experiences. Women in the hospitality sector bring a naturally unique perspective, driving innovation and contributing distinctively to the industry. Nancy advocates for embracing this gift, recognizing its invaluable role in shaping the future of hospitality.

Uplifting Each Other: The Power of Female Mentorship

Mentorship and support among women in hospitality are crucial for personal and professional growth. Nancy highlights the significance of female representation and support in her career, underscoring the positive impact it has had on her journey.

The Theme Song of Teamwork: Better Together

As Nancy contemplates the perfect theme song for her establishment, she finds inspiration in “Better Together” by Jack Johnson. This choice reflects the teamwork and unity that define DeLille Cellars, where collaboration and hospitality flourish.

Tasting Notes of Life: A Signature Creation Unveiled

Using the tasting notes of one of DeLille Cellars’ signature creations, Nancy paints a vivid picture of her life journey. From excitement and possibilities to strategic planning and collaboration, Nancy’s story is a harmonious blend of empowerment and achievement.

Explore the enriching journey of Nancy Stoll, Tasting Room Manager at DeLille Cellars, and gain valuable insights into the empowering role of women in the hospitality industry.