Guest Writer: Brittney Perreault
Northwest Wine Night TV Senior Producer

Your mom is always your biggest fan, regardless of how old you are. I’m pretty sure it’s an unwritten rule in the mom rule book.

Before I get into the unforgettable Northwest Wine Night TV filming day when my family was in audience, I have to give a little insight about what it takes to pull off a successful filming day. It starts with an amazing team. From the host, to the director, to our bartender, to the cameraman, and the flawless sound techs from Live Oak Audio Visual. We’re a well-oiled professional machine.

The next element is to have a great location. Filming at Novelty Hill Januik in Woodinville has been a joy! Their hospitality is like your favorite Great Aunt Sally who throws the best soirées, you feel so welcome and taken care of, you don’t want to go home! They rent out the great space we use too, so if you want an A+ experience for your next event, check them out!

A third but not but not always necessary element is inviting your family. Mine was thrilled to participate in the live audience, especially my mom. She’s a big wine fan, shocker. Like mother, like daughter. I didn’t ask them to behave themselves ahead of time because, I knew they wouldn’t listen. Plus, I knew it would make for a good show, oh and it did! By the first episode one of them was deemed “the heckler” which stuck for every episode after! Thanks to a few comical remarks from the peanut gallery. Just as you never know what will come out of the mouths of the panelists, you never know what to expect from the audience either.

Speaking of not knowing what to expect. I had to jump on the panel last minute to fill a seat. Boy did that get my family going! It was like I padded the crowd with the loudest applause track known to humankind. They were in the front row of course too!

By the last episode my mother was asking to not only be in the audience again, but borderline demanding to be a panelist. Mom, that’s not quite how it works, but you’re cute. She concluded with a text later that night saying, “We had a ball and want to do it again!”

That’s why we do what we do, for responses like that. I’ve said it time and time again, learning about wine should be fun. And on the set of Northwest Wine Night TV, there’s plenty of fun! These episodes will begin airing in December, you don’t want to miss them! If you want to be in our audience, I’m your gal, we don’t even have to be related, just email me, cheers!


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