The Belle and Bottle Wine Awards program is taking place for the first time in 2022.

Wine evaluations will be conducted by a panel of all female wine professionals on May 9th. This

approach to wine evaluation desires to elevate the role of women in the wine industry as well as

advocate for female wine buyers whether in the trade or consumers. A consumer tasting event

highlighting winning wines is planned to follow in July.

Women buy 80% of wine purchased in the U.S. according to a research paper published by the

International Journal of Wine Business Research. Additionally, “While winery region is very

important to both men and women, women rely on medals and awards more than men.”

“We will continue with traditional awards that wine buyers have come to expect but through our special

awards we will begin to call out approachable ways to assist the wine consumer,” said Laura Huston,

founder of Belle & Bottle Wine Awards. “We will have the megaphone of the women who help us at the

judging event as well as continued marketing for the year surrounding the winners through winemaker

features, interviews, and social media.”

Moreover, the tasting panel will be a place to empower women in the wine industry. A diverse panel of

judges from all areas of the industry with outstanding qualifications and varied experiences is being

sought. We will also be inviting women to assist with the judging. This will be an excellent opportunity

for those wishing to increase their skills, to learn and be mentored by the judges. These female

professionals can use their voices in this safe and supportive forum to grow together. The strength of

the panel will be not only what they bring to the table but what they leave with. If they are a buyer, they

have new knowledge for their restaurant or store. If they are in media, they now have new stories to


Although judged solely by females, wine submissions from ALL wineries are encouraged. Registration is

now open to wineries who wish to be part of this groundbreaking event and submit their wines for

evaluation. The wines evaluated will have the value of a female

perspective and the marketing power behind this. A yearlong marketing campaign is planned.

The tasting panel convenes for the Awards Competition May 9-11 at Chateau Lill in Woodinville.

The Grand Tasting Consumer Event: July 23 at Sparkman Cellars in Woodinville.