The Seattle Times
March 31, 2017

Winemakers and grape growers are fond of saying cabernet sauvignon is king. Now that also is true in Washington wine country.

In recent years, cab’s stock has risen at the same speed as its acreage and tonnage. It achieved a new level last fall, when winemakers brought in an astonishing 71,100 tons. That’s more than the entire Washington wine industry produced of all wine grapes in 1999.

Cabernet sauvignon now makes up 26 percent of the state’s production. In California, cab accounts for 13 percent of the production, trailing only chardonnay.

Washington has reached a tipping point where it finally has a signature grape, and that grape is cabernet sauvignon. In the past, Washington’s focus has been a nebulous problem: Was it about cab, merlot, riesling or chardonnay? It should be seen as a great thing that Washington winemakers can successfully make beautiful wines from a plethora of grapes. But that diversity drives winery sales and marketing teams crazy.>>>Read the entire article on The Seattle Times