Used wine barrels have a plethora of uses, just ask the internet. In fact, white oak ranks among the most durable hard woods when exposed to the elements – and unlike teak – is more palatable for aged wine. After the oak is determined to be unsanitary, most wineries will sell, repurpose, or discard old barrels. Whether destined to be garden planters or bar stools, used wine barrels can be made into dozens of useful items.

One such solution is functional cabinetry. This 15-foot by 28-foot wine cellar was fitted with 3 barrels all made into identical white oak cabinets, except the far one fitted with a copper sink and faucet. Cabinetree Works in Redmond is rebranding itself after 30+ years as

Becker’s Custom Cabinets. The cabinet makers there pride themselves in high quality construction for a variety of solutions.

Whether you’re a winery looking for a unique solution at your tasting bar, a homeowner in the market for a piece of functional furniture, or a visitor looking for a Woodinville Wine Country-exclusive piece of art, there is a palette of creativity in every used wine barrel.

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Written by Michael Tenhulzen, CGR, CAPS
Photo Cred: Tenhulzen Residential