Diana Dollar, the owner and general manager of Lobo Hills Winery, isn’t your average vintner. Her path to the world of wine wasn’t paved with family vineyards or a preordained destiny. Instead, her journey began on scenic bike rides through Sonoma and Napa, where a shared dream with her husband blossomed into a thriving winery.

A Journey of Passion and Persistence

Diana Dollar, the owner and mastermind behind Lobo Hills Winery, isn’t your typical vintner. Forget a serendipitous inheritance or a family steeped in tradition. Diana’s journey to the top of the wine world began on scenic drives through Sonoma and Napa, where a dream took root and refused to be ignored. “We both knew,” she recalls, “that one day, we’d be making wine ourselves.”

Breaking the Bottle on Bias: A Woman’s Place is at the Head of the Table

Diana’s path wasn’t paved with corkscrews. Her impressive background lay in the non-profit sector, a world far removed from the competitive world of winemaking. Yet, she embraced the challenge. But the hurdles weren’t just about mastering fermentation. “There were plenty who didn’t see women leading the charge,” she reveals. Undeterred, Diana shattered stereotypes. She doesn’t just manage Lobo Hills; she leads it, advocating for women to take their rightful place at the helm, not just behind the tasting room counter.

From Pandemic Pour to Innovation Explosion: How Lobo Hills Stayed Afloat

The pandemic threatened to cork Lobo Hills’ future.  Yet, the crisis became a catalyst. Diana spearheaded bold initiatives, building a rockstar retail team that delivered exceptional experiences even in the face of adversity.  Their resilience paid off in spades, garnering accolades and a loyal following.

Respect is the Best Vintage: Creating a Culture of Kindness

In the world of hospitality, exceptional service is the lifeblood of success. Diana fosters a welcoming environment built on kindness and respect. This doesn’t mean sugarcoating challenges, especially those faced by women in the industry. Here, Diana is crystal clear: zero tolerance for abuse. The well-being of her team and guests is paramount.

Leading by Example: The Power of Self-Care in a Demanding Industry

Diana walks the walk, not just talks the talk. She prioritizes self-care, understanding that a well-rested leader is a better leader. For her, creating a supportive environment starts from within.

Data-Driven Decisions: Charting a Course for Success

Intuition meets information for Diana. She doesn’t follow trends blindly; she analyzes data and leverages insights to keep Lobo Hills ahead of the curve. In today’s dynamic market, understanding the currents is essential for staying afloat.

Sisterhood of the Vineyard:  Mentorship Breeds Empowerment

As a newcomer, Diana found invaluable support in mentorship.  Now, she fosters that same spirit of collaboration, forging connections with fellow female leaders.  For her, mentorship is a two-way street, a journey of shared learning and growth.  By uplifting each other, women can rewrite the narrative of the hospitality industry.

Diana Dollar’s story is a vintage blend of resilience, determination, and the undeniable power of women in the world of wine.  As she shatters glass ceilings and inspires others, her journey becomes a toast to empowerment for women everywhere.