Betz sold the Woodville winery five years ago, and his role as head winemaker is about to end. But he’ll stay on as a consulting winemaker — good news for Washington wine drinkers.

When Bob Betz sold his venerable Woodinville winery, he signed on to remain head winemaker for five years. That contract was up two weeks ago. Fortunately for Betz Family Winery’s legion of fans, he has agreed to remain in a consulting role, and Louis Skinner will become head winemaker. Betz, 67, will continue to perform a role similar to the one he has filled in the past couple of years: He will focus on vineyard strategies, sensory evaluation and blending. Betz’s new agreement is open-ended. He will stay at his namesake winery for as long as he and owners Steve and Bridgit Griessel want.

Betz’s Washington wine career has been nothing short of magical. He started at Chateau Ste. Michelle in January 1976, and stayed for 28 years. In 1997, he and his wife, Cathy, launched Betz Family Winery selling it to the Griessels in 2011 with a desire to slowly step away from the heavy lifting that comes with a winery’s day-to-day operations. In 1998, he earned the distinguished Master of Wine degree>>>read entire article on The Seattle Times