Seattle Times
May 12, 2017

Chateau Ste. Michelle’s Eroica partnership proves the versatility of this superb white wine.

AH, RIESLING. There’s nothing quite so refreshing on a warm day as a chilled, crisp, dry Washington riesling.

I unabashedly, unreservedly love riesling. It’s the most versatile wine in the world, from bone dry with soaring acidity that reminds me of a sheet of ice to ultra-sweet dessert wines and stunning Trockenbeerenauslese styles with layers of succulent complexity. You can match just about any style of cuisine with riesling. By my estimation, every wine would be riesling if it could.

Riesling has a magnificent trait for those with some patience: It gets better with age. What? A white wine that ages? Everyone knows that red wines age, and white wines are meant to be aged no longer than it takes to drive home from the store.

Ernst Loosen, the great German winemaker who partners with Chateau Ste. Michelle to produce Eroica riesling, rarely drinks riesling younger than a quarter-century old. Of course, his family has been making riesling for the better part of two centuries, so his cellar is understandably rather deep.>>>Read entire article on The Seattle Times