Introducing Lifted Taco. A neighborhood escape with a laid back vibe and extreme taco happiness!

Our team had the opportunity to stop by Lifted Taco located in Woodin Creek Village this week. When you think of tacos you immediately think of Mexican cuisine, but Lifted Taco is not a Mexican restaurant. They focus on having original and unique menu items on hand. The format is tacos but the ingredients are anything but traditional.

Let’s talk about the space before we dive into the food. Lifted Taco is located in Woodin Creek Village. If you have not visited this downtown hub yet, you are truly missing out. Currently it is home to Zeek’s Pizza, Rocky Pond Winery, TruthTeller Winery, and Lifted Taco. However, a handful of new tasting rooms, restaurants, and other local businesses are opening here soon.

Lifted Taco is looking to offer indoor seating by March, but in the meantime they are offering takeout services or heated patio seating. Their bar seating just might have the best view in the house. Not only do you get a front row seat to view all the action happening in their open concept kitchen, but you are also belly up to 10 taps serving a variety of unique beverages. These are not your everyday taps! Lifted Taco will have taps for margaritas, hard kombucha, cider, nitro tea, and wine. Be sure to view our photo gallery below or follow us on social media to get a sneak peek of Lifted Taco’s space.

Alright foodies, lets talk about what you have been waiting for… TACOS.

Our advice is to order a few different tacos with a side or two. They have a large menu with additional seasonal items which makes repeat visits something to look forward to. Lifted Taco also makes their own sauces from scratch: lifted taco sauce, green sauce, mango habanero, and cranberry habanero.

Fair warning, we ordered A LOT of food! We figured there was no better way to give a proper review than to test out two tables worth of menu items. Here is the breakdown of what we ordered:

  • Glazed Shrimp: panko orange glazed shrimp, green slaw, fresh basil, black sesame seeds, flour tortilla
  • High Cheese: fried panela, avocado puree, red slaw, microgreens, fresh basil, flour tortilla
  • Ribeye Taco: seared ribeye, fried queso, refried black beans, avocado puree, microgreens, corn tortilla
  • Southwest Falafel: housemade Southwest spiced falafel, baja crema, cucumber, dill, microgreens, feta, flour tortilla
  • Winter Squash Taco (Seasonal): squash puree, maple delicata squash, seared orange and yellow squash with microgreens on a corn tortilla
  • Chef’s Corn: chef’s recipe street corn, served with chips
  • Housemade Churro Donuts: served with dipping sauce – horchata rum, chocolate, caramel dulce, or seasonal fruit
  • Queso: molten cheese, served with chips

There was not a menu item we did not love. Our eyes were definitely bigger than our stomach, but you bet we took home whatever we could not finish. We are already looking forward to our next visit. There are far too many menu items to try in one visit. If you see a seasonal item that looks interesting, we encourage you to go for it as those items are subject to change by the next time you come back.

Currently you can sit outside on Lifted Taco’s patio or order some food for takeout. Be on the lookout for indoor dining coming soon at Lifted Taco. We are very excited to welcome them to the neighborhood. Lifted Taco is open Tuesday-Sunday from 11am-8pm (closed on Mondays). P.s. NOW serving breakfast tacos from 9-11am only! Stop by and say hi to their owner John!

You can learn more about Lifted Taco here.