Scores of dining and drinking venues make Woodinville Wine Country not so much one great trip but dozens. With over 110 wineries and countless eateries and restaurants, it’s easy for your tasting plan to bite off more than it can chew. Though Woodinville’s wineries have conveniently assembled into three distinct wine districts, each of those is still filled with months’ worth of sipping and savoring opportunities. Where to begin?

The best way we’ve found to make the most of all this delicious abundance is to divide and conquer. Pick out a small corner of a district with several places that look tasty, and simply make an afternoon of it—knowing that there’ll be other afternoons for all those other corners. Taking more time to appreciate the work of each winemaker (or brewer, or chef) will give you a much better flavor for everything that’s out here.

Artisan Hill presents a perfect example. You can park once and walk to multiple tastings and a great meal. Start your afternoon at Adrice Wines, where winemaker Pam Adkins combines the best of both Washington and California sensibilities. Try a glass of their Fool’s Gold Syrah, their Alter Ego Cabernet Sauvignon, or the Etouffant Red Mountain Merlot.

From Adrice, it’s just a few doors down to Descendant Cellars and their traditional, Rhone-style approach to Washington-grown varietals. Whether it’s the Columbia Valley Grenache, Red Mountain Mourvèdre, or Belle GSM blend, their wines reflect some of the finest terroir of Eastern Washington.

With several glasses of wine and an hour or two under your belt, it’s time to pair this delicious afternoon with a meal. Relaxed, informal, and thoroughly delicious, The PicNic Table is only a short walk from Descendant and offers up a Mediterranean mix of cheese plates, sandwiches, salads and entrées. Eat in or take out picnic style. Either way, it’s the ideal finish to a perfectly blended day of tasting.