So you’ve been drinking wine for a while now and you think you’ve got what it takes to start making the stuff, huh? Well, your time has come. Covington Cellars’ wine-blending workshop offers all the fun and challenge of creating your own signature wine without that annoying little detail of having to invest years or decades in enology education and experience.

By appointment only, groups numbering 12 to 60 can join in this fun, hands-on experience where both connoisseurs and complete novices can create a wine to suit their own unique taste. Couple this rare opportunity with a wine-paired lunch or dinner and, needless to say, it gets our vote for the ultimate corporate or private event. The winery can even arrange for coach transportation for the group.

The workshop begins with Covington winemaker Morgan Lee explaining the art of blending and what an expert vintner is looking to achieve when creating a final blend. Participants will sample three different red wine varietals and learn what differentiates from one another. Then it’s time to play in the sandbox. All would-be winemakers will have 60 minutes to create their own blend. Once everyone has found a balance that pleases their palate, they’ll fill and cork their bottles, create their own labels, and wax or foil the bottle tops to complete the package for taking home.

In addition to Covington, Chateau Ste. Michelle also hosts regular “Winemaker for a Day” events where groups of up to 16 can book a 90-minute workshop. Both workshops are an ideal way to experience firsthand the philosophy, creativity and sheer fun that go into making a satisfying wine blend. It’s one of the most inventive ways to bring people together over wine.

For more on Covington’s wine-blending workshop, email, and for information regarding Chateau Ste. Michelle’s blending experience, click here.