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August 20, 2019

J. Bookwalter Winery welcomes “1st Edition”, a new bottling added to their Summer white wine line up. To celebrate the new wine an educational class will be held at the winery’s Woodinville Wine Studio to showcase the wine’s heritage and flavour.

Bookwalter Winery has just released “First Edition” a white wine styled and inspired by the unique white wines of Bordeaux, France. Winery owner John Bookwalter was smitten by these wines of tremendous finesse and flavor on a tour of First Growth properties in Bordeaux in 2010, and wanted to bring that tradition back to the Northwest.

The wine is a blend of the three traditional white grapes of the Bordeaux region: Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, and Muscadelle, all of which Bookwalter obtains from the highly sought after Conner Lee Vineyard.

John says, “It’s a wine of elegance and depth, perfect with Summertime foods, at your home, or at our Fiction restaurant”

To celebrate the very first vintage of 1st Edition, the winery’s Wine Studio in Woodinville will host an educational class that will discuss… read the entire article on All News Stories

Photo cred: J. Bookwalter Winery