City Life to Wine Country: A Family Vision Takes Root

Kimberly Harris, owner of the award-winning Bayernmoor Cellars in Washington State, wasn’t always destined for a life among the vines. Weekend escapes exploring the Napa and Sonoma wineries with her husband, Larry, sparked a deep appreciation for wine. This love, coupled with a desire to build a lasting legacy for future generations, led them to plant six acres of Pinot Noir grapes on their Stanwood property. Their unwavering belief helped transform the Puget Sound AVA into a hub for viticulture and winemaking, where tradition seamlessly blends with modern techniques.

Redefining the Puget Sound AVA: Pushing Boundaries with Tradition

Bayernmoor Cellars is more than just crafting exceptional wines; it’s about exceeding expectations.  Kimberly thrives on innovation.  Receiving the prestigious Seattle/WA State 2023 Fabulous Four Winery of the Year award was a powerful validation of their commitment to merging traditional methods with cutting-edge approaches.  This philosophy extends beyond the vineyard.  Leading the Tasting Room experience, Kimberly prioritizes exceptional service, thoughtfully curated bites, and a welcoming and exciting atmosphere.

Juggling Act: Finding Harmony Between Family and Business

The hospitality industry presents unique challenges, particularly when it comes to work-life balance.  As a mother of two daughters, Kimberly acknowledges the struggle to dedicate quality time to both family and her flourishing business.  However, with the unwavering support of her family, including her parents who live on the estate, she’s found a way to navigate these demands.  Her advice for aspiring women? Clear communication is key. Discuss needs openly with family, seek help when needed, and trust that your team can handle things in your absence.

The Consumer Lens: Staying Ahead of the Curve in Wine Tourism

Staying innovative in a saturated market requires a deep understanding of your audience.  Kimberly approaches her business with a customer-centric mindset, constantly seeking ways to elevate the guest experience.  She encourages her team to contribute ideas, recognizing the significant role women play in shaping wine tourism trends.  This is evident in the way Bayernmoor Cellars caters to women, from offering specific tasting experiences to hosting events that foster a sense of community.

Women Supporting Women: Mentorship and Building a Network

Kimberly is a strong advocate for women in the hospitality industry.  She actively cultivates connections with other female winemakers and takes pride in mentoring the women on her team.  Her goal is to empower them with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive, both professionally and personally.  She believes that women have a responsibility to support each other, fostering a spirit of collaboration and shared success.

Celebrating Life: The Fun-Loving Spirit of Bayernmoor Cellars

If Bayernmoor Cellars had a theme song, it would undoubtedly be Madonna’s “Holiday.” The winery embodies a spirit of celebration – of life, friendship, food, and of course, exceptional wine.  Kimberly has purposefully cultivated a welcoming environment that is lighthearted, fun, and enthusiastic about creating unforgettable experiences for every guest. As she aptly says, “it’s wine and food – it’s supposed to be fun!

A Taste of Life at Bayernmoor

Intrigued by what Kimberly’s life might taste like in wine form?  She describes her signature 2021 vintage as elegant with a well-balanced body.  Imagine aromas of rich florals, red currant, cherry, pepper, cedar, and warm spices.  The palate boasts bold notes of dried fruit, oak, and deep earthiness, with subtle hints of dark chocolate and cinnamon lingering on the finish.  Sounds like a delicious way to experience the essence of Bayernmoor Cellars!