Woodinville Weekly
April 17, 2018
It has been a longstanding act of balance between Woodinville’s rural origins and natural character with those of the city’s development and bustle. The proximity to the mountains, Lake Washington’s northern tip, and the expanses of farmland lend their identities to the city, allowing for a character that is entrenched in nature just outside the metropolis of Seattle. King County holds both, the emerald city and areas now developed with similar rigor. Spirit, beer, and wine operations have all found happy homes in unincorporated Woodinville.
Some are happy about the growing developments and the introduction of tourism as a major moneymaker for the city and its inhabitants. Others are feeling stripped of the charm their city has quietly adorned for decades.
Matthews Winery, owned by Cliff and Diane Otis, is one establishment that is trying to find a balance between growth and the code regulations of unincorporated King County.>>>Read entire article on the Woodinville Weekly