Lisa Warr-King Packer: Owner/Winemaker

Favorite Varietals:
Washington Merlot and Syrah

Favorite Wine & Food Pairing: Warr-King Roussanne with fresh-caught Chinook salmon

Top Wines To Taste Now:
• 2013 Merlot
• 2015 Roussanne
• 2013 Syrah

What I Like Most About Washington Wine:
I take a minimalist approach to winemaking and believe in letting the wine be the wine it’s going to be. Washington State offers a unique and distinct terroir that allows many varietals to thrive in varied soils, creating fruit that evokes a sense of place. This terroir creates bold, structured wines; fruit forward flavors and elegant finishes. I value my relationships with growers and try to honor their efforts by producing unique, delicious wines that represent their hard work. I intend>>>Read the entire article on Washington Tasting Room