Tri-City Herald by Eric Degerman
at Great Northwest Wine
February 4, 2020

As much as some hate to admit it, Americans like sweet wine. It helps explain why some of the most popular red table wines in the U.S. include a fair bit of residual sugar.

Tim Hanni, one of the most affable, approachable and studious Masters of Wine in the world, pulls on this thread throughout his fascinating book on sensory studies titled “Why You Like The Wines You Like.”

“Our research confirms the people who prefer sweet wines unabashedly declare that they want wine that is sweet, not just off-dry or slightly sweet, and the reticence of the wine industry to employ the word sweet as a descriptor to this segment is unfounded,” he writes. Read the entire article that includes wines from Chateau Ste Michelle, Gard Vintners, Goose Ridge Estate and more… on Tri-City Herald.