OPB News
June 10, 2019

Several years ago, Union Wine Company of Tualatin, Oregon, put some wine in cans for a food festival. It was such a hit, says owner Ryan Harms, he decided to do it as his main business.

“I think there are a lot of indicators that are helping us feel confident about our continued investment and what we’re doing,” Harms says. Now, Union ships its Underwood-branded cans to 49 states and 11 countries. Other big wineries have noticed. Just in the last year, the wine-in-can category has grown by more than 100% across the nation, measured by the volume of units sold. The third largest winery in the nation is Ste. Michelle Wine Estates, based in Woodinville, Washington. Now, it’s pouring huge amounts of wine into aluminum cans under its 14 Hands brand. Read the entire article featuring J. Bookwalter and more on OPB News