Tri-City Herald
July 10, 2018

With the emergence of Cabernet Sauvignon as the Washington wine industry’s signature grape, we’ve also seen the evolution of red blends.

In France’s Bordeaux region, blends are the rule. Some of the world’s most famous wines – Château Lafite Rothschild, Château LaTour and Château Margaux, for example – are all are made primarily with Cabernet Sauvignon.

You might hear about “Left Bank” and “Right Bank” wines. These are part of the style of Bordeaux. Left Bank styles tend to lead with Cab, while Right Bank blends tend to be Merlot dominant. Fortunately in Washington, we can enjoy both styles. They often represent some of the winemaker’s best work and showcase top vineyards.

Consumers might occasionally see “meritage” on a label. This is a California invention, and the word rhymes with “heritage.” These blends can include any of the six traditional Bordeaux red grapes and do not need to follow the Right Bank or Left Bank styles.>>>Read the entire article featuring Airfield Estates, Chateau Ste Michelle and Smasne Cellars on The Tri-City Herald