Wine Press NW by Andy Perdue and Eric Degerman
April 2019

Malbec rose to prominence in its native France, where it is one of the six noble red grapes of Bordeaux.

Yet here in the New World, we tend to associate the bold, dark wine with Argentina, where about 100,000 acres of Malbec are planted from the valley floor to 10,000 feet into the Andes foothills. These high-elevation Malbecs from Mendoza are some of the most interesting wines coming from South America.

Malbec has become an important grape in Washington, where it thrives under the perpetually sunny skies of the Columbia Valley. Here are six delicious examples of Washington Malbec from our recent blind tasting for Wine Press Northwest magazine… featuring Isenhower Cellars 2016 À Bloc Malbec>>> read entire article on Wine Press NW

Photo cred: Duval Images