Tri-City Herald
November 29, 2018

Many of Washington’s most interesting and creative red wines now are blends. Built in the European tradition, these are wines crafted as the sum of their parts, rather than reliant on one variety. This concept is most famous in France’s Bordeaux region, but can also be found in the Rhône Valley, Spain’s Rioja and throughout the world.

Typically, a winemaker will start with a favorite dominant grape, then blend for flavor and structure. The goal is to create a wine without holes that perhaps emulates the region that provides inspiration. If there is any thread of continuity with Washington blends, that often would be the inclusion of Syrah, which adds heft to the flavors as well as midpalate depth.

Here are six Washington red blends we’ve tasted recently. Ask for them at your local wine shop or contact the wineries directly.>>>Read the entire article featuring Brian Carter Cellars, Columbia Winery, Gård Vintners and Ryan Patrick on Tri-City Herald

[photo cred: Duval Images]