Tri-City Herald
August 22, 2018

Sauvignon Blanc is a sleek white wine that is gaining in popularity in the Pacific Northwest, particularly because of its ability to pair with our region’s seafood, as well as other cuisine inspired by Asian and Hispanic influences.

While native to France, most famous in Bordeaux and the Loire Valley, in recent years, it’s gained considerable fame in New Zealand, where the grape produces wines that exhibit fascinating and distinctive flavors and aromas.

It’s also renowned in California’s Napa Valley, where Robert Mondavi named it Fumé Blanc, a moniker that persists today. For years, Rob Griffin of Barnard Griffin in Richland, Wash., paid homage to Mondavi by using “Fume Blanc” on the label until recently changing over to Sauvignon Blanc.>>>Read the entire article featuring Airfield Estates and more on The Tri-City Herald

[photo: Andy Perdue]