Woodinville Wine Country offers seemingly-endless choices for those who love fine wine, great food and a wide range of activities. Now there is a personal travel guide to Woodinville Wine Country with Utrip. Local expert advice is paired with Utrip’s innovative technology, providing each guest with a wine country experience that matches their interests, budget and schedule.

“Everyone from first-time visitors to seasoned locals can take advantage of the trip-planning technology to discover experiences that are unique and authentic,” said Sandra Lee, Executive Director of Woodinville Wine Country. “This is a tool that will allow each visitor to have an experience that is differentiated.”

Guests can access the Utrip tool through www.woodinvillewinecountry.com. They can then personalize their preferences in up to sixteen categories, such as history, food, nightlife and budget. Utrip’s powerful artificial intelligence sorts through all the options for wineries, restaurants and activities. In just minutes, the guest is presented with a comprehensive and interactive day-by-day itinerary complete with maps.

Guests can also browse featured itineraries based on themed experiences. Bringing the whole family to visit Woodinville? A “Family Friendly” trip is mapped out with fun stops for all ages. Thinking about a ladies weekend in wine country? A “Girls Getaway” includes local spots for great wine, good food and a relaxing spa. Local experts also weigh in on their favorite Woodinville Wine Country destinations and provide suggested itineraries.

With Utrip, you’ll spend mere minutes planning your experience and spend the rest of your time sipping and savoring Woodinville Wine Country.