Great Northwest Wine
March 15, 2017

Even when Washington’s smallest appellation is wearing a wardrobe of snow, Red Mountain still might be the hottest spot in the state for winemakers in search of noteworthy juice.

Last month, the Red Mountain American Viticultural Alliance staged its inaugural Grower Tasting featuring young wines from some of the top vineyards in Washington state. The 10-vineyard lineup represented Hedges, Bel’Villa, Les Gosses, Kiona, Heart of the Hill, Quintessence, Shaw and Washington vineyards, which includes Blackwood Canyon, The Canyons and Red Mountain.

Of all the winemakers involved, Charlie Hoppes of Fidelitas Wines may have had the shortest drive to the three-hour tasting staged in the red barn of famed Ciel du Cheval>>>Read entire article on Great Northwest Wine