Fodors Travel by Rachael Levitt
December 21, 2018

Vegas is corny. Napa is stuffy. Lighten up and party down like an adult with a perfect weekend itinerary for Woodinville, Washington.

Being an adult doesn’t necessarily mean you have to vacation a certain way. It just means you need or want to pad pursuits with self-serving activities (think: mid-afternoon naps, stress-busting yoga or spa treatments, evening revelries that end before midnight). The last place you want to go is where the vibe advertises eternal youth (Vegas’ “Sin City”) or matures you beyond your years (Napa’s “The Wine Is Bottled Poetry”).
How about we reward this life stage beyond adolescence? Let’s reclaim adulting as the greatest time of our lives by working with, instead of against, our rapidly deteriorating bodies. Let’s be grownups–and have a great time doing it. Woodinville Wine Country in Washington State is making a name for itself catering to the youthful whims of fully grown humans–ones who aren’t looking to hit the foam party at Señor Frogs, but don’t want to take the retiree cruise to bingo town, either.>>>Read the entire article featuring Chateau Ste. Michelle, EFESTË, JM Cellars, Willows Lodge an more on