Northwest News – Woodinville Weekly
April 3, 2017

Violet Anderson was born with total bilateral congenital cataracts, a condition that clouds the eye’s lenses and causes partial or complete blindness. If not for an early diagnosis and two sight-saving surgeries, Violet would still be blind today.

“Violet’s vision isn’t perfect, but it is definitely functional,” Jen Anderson, Violet’s mother, said. “For everything that a regular 6-year-old wants and needs to do, she does pretty well.”

Jen and her husband, Mike Anderson, know how lucky they are. They have financial resources, excellent medical doctors and a community of support that allowed Violet to be diagnosed and treated quickly. Others, however, are less fortunate.

The condition that Violet was born with, although technically treatable, is a significant cause of blindness elsewhere in the world. If not identified and treated early in life, many children with the condition become permanently blind.

That’s why the Andersons decided to start their own nonprofit, called Violet Sees, to raise awareness about congenital cataracts and other eye conditions and to raise money to provide glasses to children in need.

Violet Sees will celebrate its two-year anniversary at a fundraising event on May 6, 2017 at Alexandria Nicole Cellars in Woodinville. Each ticket costs $75, a price that includes food and beverages. All proceeds will go straight to Violet Sees, and the winery will also donate a portion of their wine sales back to the nonprofit.>>>Read entire article on Northwest News Local – The Woodinville Weekly