April Reddout’s journey into the world of wine began not with a formal toast, but with a casual sip on a neighbor’s porch. It was there, amidst the rolling vineyards of wine country, that she pondered, “Why settle for Franzia when the essence of the vine is at our doorstep?” This epiphany led her to the tasting rooms of Woodinville, where her passion for wine transformed into a vocation.

Cultivating Excellence

“Once I started working in wine, I was fascinated and couldn’t learn fast enough,” April reflects. Her curiosity and zeal propelled her through the ranks, culminating in a defining role as the Director of the Wine Program at the Walter Clore Center. Here, she championed Washington wines, fostering a community of connoisseurs and novices alike, all while elevating small and emerging brands.

The Soul of Service

April’s accomplishments are not just a testament to her expertise but also to her resilience in an industry that can, at times, be as challenging as it is rewarding. She humorously compared the high demands of certain patrons to a “melon baller to the soul,” a vivid metaphor for the emotional toll of service. Yet, it’s her sage advice to budding professionals that resonates deeply: “Learn to recognize the difference early,” she advises, distinguishing between genuine connections and transactional relationships.

Trendsetting in Hospitality

As trends ebb and flow, April remains at the forefront, agile and innovative. She admires the “progressive women I work with who are innovating and recreating their ways of doing things,” highlighting the unique contributions women make to the hospitality landscape.

April Reddout’s story is one of empowerment, innovation, and the unyielding spirit of women in hospitality. It’s a narrative that pours inspiration into every glass and serves as a beacon for aspiring women in the industry. 🍷

April’s insights offer a glimpse into the heart of hospitality, where every interaction is an opportunity to enrich, engage, and excel. As we celebrate Women’s History Month, let’s raise a glass to the trailblazers like April, who continue to redefine the industry and pave the way for future generations.