Guest Writer: Brittney Perreault
Northwest Wine Night TV Senior Producer

Wine tasting is one of the most fun activities. It’s a terrific way to learn and introduce yourself to new wineries. Woodinville Wine Country is ideal for wine tasting because there are over 100 tasting rooms there!

Before you plan your tasting route and get to sipping, I asked Tia Tracy, tasting room assistant at Cave B Estate Winery in Quincy, WA (they have a tasting room in Woodinville too) to share a some tasting room etiquette.

What’s the ideal size for a group that wants to go wine tasting?

My ideal group size for me personally depends on the reason for the tasting. A conference or work related for the group I have done up to 40 folks. The bridesmaid or birthday party group seem to go better when the group is smaller in size, 15-20 is my max! You can always count on there being pre functioning before they get to you, a lot of fun but require a little more energy! Couples or small groups are the most intimate of tastings between 2-10. These folks you can really get to know and enjoy. TIP: Depending on schedules sometimes you can add little extras to their tasting experience.

Should the taster ask questions?

I would tell everyone that tastes wine to ask questions! Remember the only bad question is the one not asked. That’s how you learn about wine and everything else that goes into the making of wine.

What if someone asks for a larger pour?

My rule of thumb is never ask for a bigger pour, rude! If there is a wine that you are interested in and want to re visit wait ‘til the taste is over and then ask. You are more likely to be taken seriously and might even get an extra pour.

What are a few “no, no’s” in the tasting room?

Don’t gulp wine, ever! Never spit your gum in the dump buckets, gross. Never give your sample taste to a minor. Never bring your own wine or alcohol or “Hooch” into a taste room. Lastly, please no large amount of PDA. We understand it’s your honey moon or anniversary, but respect your fellow tasters.

Are kids welcome in tasting rooms?

We all love children! But please don’t forget they are with you, watch your kids.

Tia concludes saying, “I personally love each type of group or taster that we get in our tasting room. It brings me joy to share our amazing wine and history of the Cave B Estate. I honestly feel like I’m the one who gets the biggest reward when I get to meet folks from all over our great country and world. Needless to say I’ve made some wonderful friends along the way.”

As you can see, wine tasting can be a great experience not just for the tasters, but the tasting room associates too. Remember wine is meant to be fun, but mind your Ps and Qs. Cheers!