August 30, 2018

It seems like there’s an official holiday for every kind of wine, a day, week, or month designated as “International Sauvignon Blanc Day” or “Drink Rosé Month.” While it can be confusing to keep the increasing number of wine holidays straight – and downright impractical to relegate a specific type of wine to just one day a year – these occasions can serve to shake up wine drinking habits with new genres.

Take, for instance, the annual celebration of Washington Wine Month in August. Though the myriad of wines produced in the state of Washington warrant attention all year long, Washington Wine Month is an excuse to dive deep into the state’s 14 AVAs – particularly for those who haven’t checked in with the state in awhile. While the official, month-long holiday is drawing to a close, it’s really just a jumping-off point for exploring the country’s second-largest wine state. Start with these Washington State wine essentials and let the journey continue from there.>>>Read the entire article featuring Chateau Ste Michelle, Col Solare, DeLille Cellars and WT Vintners on Forbes