Yakima Herald
May 18, 2018

Tradition. It’s a word that conjures up many feelings and emotions. At the core, the word means “transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation.” And no word could be more fitting when describing J. Bell Cellars in Zillah.

Wes and Natasha Teslo came to love the Yakima Valley as so many “West Siders” have. They came to the area to visit family and friends and were struck by the natural beauty, sunshine and abundance of produce grown here. After a few visits, they decided they wanted to own a piece of the Valley for themselves and purchased some orchard land in the Zillah area with a farmhouse. Now the family would have a sunny place of their own where they could enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

The Teslo family made regular weekend pilgrimages to the farm, and Wes became more and more interested in wine. He had always enjoyed exploring wines from all over the world, but seeing the abundance of wine grapes growing in the region piqued his curiosity even more and he began to read and research everything he could about Washington wines.>>>Read the entire article on The Yakima Herald