Torii Mor’s Olson Estate Vineyard is celebrating 50 years of grape growing this year. First planted in 1972 by Jim McDaniel. Jim served in the army during WWII and was stationed in Japan. There he was assigned the job of a hydroponic gardener for the army working with an entirely Japanese crew. Jim brought his gardening skills back to the US with him. Purchasing property in the Red Hills of Dundee, OR, planting grapevines, a Japanese garden, and building an Asian-inspired house for his family.

The estate is now owned by Dr. Don Olson and known as Torii Mor Winery and the Olson Estate Vineyard. The name Torii Mor derives from the Torii gate in the property’s Japanese garden and the ancient Scandinavian word for earth.

Together, the name is a nod to Pinot Noir’s expression of terroir and connection to the earth. While 50 year old vines don’t produce as much fruit as they once did, the quality is much higher.

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