A blog dedicated to dog-friendly wineries

People are enjoying a Cab with their Lab, a Riesling with their Rotty, and a Pinot with their Pom. Apparently bringing the pooch along on a wine tasting has become a thing.

There’s even a local blog with one purpose: to make sure you know which Woodinville wineries are dog-friendly. The blogger is wine and dog enthusiast Lisa Zeitler. “I started the blog simply as a creative outlet. You’re supposed to write what you know and what you love, and wine and dogs fit those two categories. It made sense to combine the two.”

Zeitler’s blog Canines And Cabernet offers a comprehensive list of Woodinville wineries that she considers dog-friendly.

“If the winery has a kitchen, for health code reasons they are not legally allowed to have dogs on premises, but that’s the only real block I’ve run across. Otherwise it comes down to whether the winery is dog-tolerant or actually goes the extra mile by having treats and toys behind the counter and a water bowl.”

Dog-friendly is admittedly a subjective term. Some “dog-friendly” wineries allow dog lovers to leash their dogs outside, while others allow dogs in the tasting room. The most dog-friendly wineries Zeitler’s encountered?

“Red Sky winery and JM Cellars are exceptionally dog-friendly. And the girl working at Barrage Cellars actually taught my puppy to lie down while my dad and I were wine tasting there, so we left with a better-trained dog than when we got there,” she said>>>read full article on 425 Magazine