Herald Net / Eric Degerman and Andy Perdue
March 29, 2019

As vino lovers like to say: The closer you are standing to the winemaker, the better the wine tastes.

One aspect of wine evaluation, and not one without controversy, is tasting blind. This means not knowing whose wine you are tasting until after you’re done with your assessment.

Why is this important? The natural tendency is to be swayed by knowledge. If you are tasting one of the world’s most famous wines — say, a First Growth Bordeaux — there’s an inclination to give it the benefit of the doubt because you’re supposed to like it based on your own experience or someone’s suggestion. Besides, if that is an expensive wine you are tasting, you don’t want to feel stupid for spending a lot for a bottle that you don’t like.>>>Read the entire article featuring Finn Hill Winery on The Herald Net

[photo cred: Richard Duval Photography]