Guest Writer: Brittney Perreault
Northwest Wine Night TV Senior Producer

Wine and cheese are the bread and butter of pairing. The salt and pepper, the chips and salsa of every cocktail party. Can’t have one without the other. There’s a video circulating social media that has taken this classic food pairing to another level.

If you’re like me, you’ve experienced the excess of short video recipe congestion on your social media newsfeed. Instead of having to watch a 30 minute episode of Rachel Ray, they show you how to cook something in seconds. I will have to admit, some of them have paused my scrolling finger long enough to consider attempting to create the concoction that those mystery hands made look so easy. But then I snap back to reality and keep on scrolling.

Recently though, I saw one that not only stopped me in my scrolling track, I likely had a confused look on my face as I watched along. A wine and cheese shot. A genius concoction, or a terrible food offense?

To paint this picture, first insert an image of a shot glass and your favorite thing to shoot. Only the shot glass is made of melted cheddar cheese molded into a shot glass shape (they have silicone mods that do this), and the favorite thing to shoot in this case, happens to be wine. Yep, they went there.

Don’t get me wrong, I love wine and cheese as much as the next person, my scale reminds me daily in fact. But this, this may have crossed the line. Call me a prude if you must, but this may have crossed the line on the wine and cheese pairing etiquette map that I just made up.

In my book, there’s a wine for every occasion. Romantic dinner, happy hour with your bestie, or Wednesday. What occasion would one serve a wine and cheese shot? Does the cheese hold up long enough to be a vessel for wine? Do you eat the whole cheese cylinder or just take a bite like in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory after he sips the daffodil tea cup and takes a bit of the rim. (That’s my favorite part of the movie, by the way)

If it was a decent cheese and a great wine, maybe, just maybe this can be justified. I suppose I’ll be forever curious until I show up to a party and see a platter of these babies on the food table.

Until then, I’ll stick with the old fashioned way to consume wine and cheese, a close distance apart. Cheers!

Enjoy this video courtesy of POP Sugar Food