The Woodinville Wine Country St. Nick’s Open House Weekend is less than a month away so now is the time to be making your plans for a weekend of wine and fun. Organize your best wine-tasting friends, buy your tickets and plan ahead to taste like a pro!

Here are the top tasting tips for the savvy sipper!

  1. It’s hip to spit. With so many great wineries and delicious selections to taste, you’ll want to pace yourself. The best way to enjoy the day from start to finish is to embrace the spit bucket (not literally, of course!).
  2. Eat before you go. A great way to kick off your St. Nick’s experience is with a meal at one of Woodinville Wine Country’s great restaurants. Some food in your stomach before you start hours of wine tasting will make all the difference in your day.
  3. If you’re part of a large group (8 or more), be aware of where you gather. It is courteous to clear an area near the tasting room entrance so other customers can make their way inside. Also keep in mind to make room around the tasting bar once you’ve been served.
  4. Protect your palate. Avoid chewing gum and coffee to ensure your tastebuds are ready for tasting.
  5. Book your transportation. A designated driver is always a good idea. Main Street Drivers has a number of options depending on how long you’ll be tasting and the size of your group.
  6. Buy your holiday wines in one day. Over the course of two days, you will have the chance to taste dozens of wines. Be sure to grab a few bottles of your favorites while you’re there – and while they are still available!
  7. Pour out what you don’t like. If the wine isn’t to your liking, it’s perfectly acceptable to pour your sample into the “spittoon” bucket. The winery definitely prefers customers to thoroughly enjoy what you like rather than wear down your tastebuds by being too polite.
  8. Check out more tips for tasting success. Wine Folly author, Madeline Puckette, offers a number of expert wine tasting tips that can help everyone enjoy the wine tasting experience. Tasting Tips Here!