Toledo Wines and Vines
July 11, 2016

Seattle is a travel highlight for any lover of wine, food and culture. But there is so much more just a few miles away from the Emerald City. Woodinville, located in a peaceful valley 30 minutes northeast of Seattle, is a crossroads where the fruit of Eastern Washington meet the vintners, chefs and flavors of the Pacific Northwest.

The Woodinville Wine Experience
When I first visited (and fell in love with) Washington State wine country, I spent most of my time in the Walla Walla Valley. Eastern Washington is where most of the grapes are grown in the state. The high desert climate and less-than-fertile soil is ideal for vineyards. It’s also across the Cascade Mountains and a couple hundred miles away from Seattle.

During a recent visit to Seattle we tagged on a few extra days but didn’t have the time to trek all the way to Walla Walla – however, we were in luck. A mere half hour away Woodinville offers 108 wineries and tasting rooms. Our plan was to reduce our mileage and invest that extra time into tasting wine>>read full article on Toledo Wines and Vines