With today being the official start to summer, the Barking Frog restaurant is set to launch their new season menu tomorrow. You can treat yourself to a teaser thanks to Chef Bobby Moore sharing his recipe for Dungeness crab salad and pickled peaches. Chef suggests pairing his Dungeness Crab Salad with Woodinville’s own, Sparkman Cellars Birdie Riesling… with flavors of Bosc pear, Fuji apple, Catalonian blood orange and Turkish white nectarine, enjoy!

Dungeness Crab Salad

Pickled Peaches

3 c. Rice wine vinegar
2 tsp. Green Cardamom
3 c. Mirin
1 Tbl. Pickling Spice
½ each Jalapeno (halved)
4 Peaches (medium size)

Combine first five ingredients in pot and bring to a boil. Prep peaches by washing, halving, and seeding. Cut each half into three even slices, and place in a container large enough to hold the peaches and the liquid. Strain liquid to remove the spices. If peaches are firm pour mixture over them while it is still hot, if the peaches are soft, cool liquid down before introducing to the peaches. Let the peaches “pickle” overnight.

Lemon Aioli

1 – Whole + 1 Yolk of Egg
½ clove – Garlic
1 Tbl. Lemon juice (fresh)
1/2 – 3/4 c. Grape seed oil
Salt and white pepper – to taste

Place eggs and yolks, garlic, and lemon juice in food processor, and slowly add oil to create an emulsion. Finish by seasoning with salt and pepper to taste.

Crab Salad Assembly

Per Serving:
2-3 oz. Dungeness crab (shredded body meat)
1-2 Tbl. Lemon Aioli (light coating)
Pinch of Celery Seed
Salt and Pepper – to taste
8 leaves tarragon, minced
1 tsp shallot, chopped and lightly sautéed

Toss mixture thoroughly in small bowl, pat down into a ring mold, Place four pickled peach slices around salad, top with watercress leaves tossed in olive oil and a leaf of tarragon.