Expedia.com and Woodinville Wine Country offer you the ideal itinerary for a relaxing spring weekend.

If you stand perfectly still and draw in a deep breath of the clean, fresh air, you can almost sense the daffodils and tulips starting to work their way up through the thawing soil underfoot. Soon they will peep out to greet the warming Washington weather, signaling that spring has arrived. You’ve spent the past three months wrapped in blankets, curled up with a book next to the fireplace. Isn’t it time to trade the layers for a light sweater and the page-turner for a pinot gris? Expedia.com has the perfect playbook for your weekend at a welcoming Woodinville hotel—from christening your getaway with a complex cabernet on a Friday happy hour to a refreshing riesling on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Is there a better way to welcome the return of color to our world than with a weekend away from winter’s weakening clutch, sampling shiraz and sipping chardonnay at Woodinville Wine Country’s WineCraft: Spring Wine Auction? From the moment you arrive at the Willows Lodge on Friday to the last glass of grenache at the wine auction on Sunday, our itinerary will help you make the most of your time in Washington’s winery wonderland.


As soon as your workday has ended—it’s all right to cut out a little early if you have to—hustle out of town and make your way to Woodinville. Don’t worry; this will be the only time you’ll need to hurry for anything the entire weekend. The attentive staff and luxurious, cozy accommodations at the Willows Lodge will welcome you with open arms—and maybe an open bottle. Formally C.D. Stimson’s private getaway where he entertained the Seattle business community and socialites, the lodge is now an enchanting resort and spa with inspired dining options. You couldn’t ask for a better home base for your spring weekend.

Drop your bags off in your room and take a quick breather…but don’t settle in too much, you have some wineries to visit. We recommend starting with DeLille Cellars. It’s just over a quarter-mile down the road, so it might make for a nice walk after the ride from the city. Their Carriage House Tasting Room is the perfect place to acquaint yourself with the varietals you’ll be enjoying for the next three days.

After you’ve sampled a few of the cellar’s best offerings, it’s time for dinner. Right across the street is Village Wines. There, you can continue your tasting tour thanks to their vast selection of local wines. Plus, they have an amazing menu featuring casual fare, as well as live music to serve as your evening’s soundtrack.


Far be it from us to tell you to wake up early on a Saturday morning. But, these Woodinville wines aren’t going to taste themselves! Start your morning with a hearty breakfast at The Commons. Their weekend brunch featuring a delightfully unique take on classic comfort food, and light, airy décor will set the tone for your wonderful early spring day.

Now that you are sufficiently fueled up, you’ll have all the energy you need to tour some wineries. Chateau St. Michelle is the oldest and most popular vineyard in the area, having first started bottling in 1967. You could also opt for a newer addition to the Woodinville family of vintners, like Savage Grace or Eye of the Needle Winery. If you still can’t decide which vineyards to visit, the Willows Lodge offers a Wineventure—a private tasting tour—every Saturday afternoon.

Following your liquid lunch of Woodinville wines, you’ll be ready for a proper dinner. The Purple Café offers a delicious farm-to-fork menu with pairings of local and international wines for nearly every delicious dish. If you prefer a true epicurean dining experience, you might be interested in a meal at The Herbfarm, back on the Willows Lodge property. Each nine-course, seasonally inspired meal is accompanied by a half-dozen matched wines.


Sleep in a little today—you’ve earned it! Once you’re up and about, make your way to the lodge’s spa for a soothing massage or a rejuvenating treatment. At that point, you’ll probably feel a bit peckish. Lunch at The Hollywood Tavern will take care of that for you. Then it’s off to the weekend’s big event, the Winecraft: Spring Wine Auction. There, you’ll have the chance to enjoy some of Woodinville’s award-winning vintages, listen to live music and nibble on some noshes from area chefs—all while benefiting local schools. Not bad for a Sunday afternoon.

With your trunk full of new wines for your personal cellar back home and your head full of fond springtime memories, it’s time to put a cork in the weekend. Fret not, though: Woodinville Wine Country will be here next weekend, and the weekend after that and—well, you get the picture. Salut!

Author: Tim Brown, Expedia Staff Writer